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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Salt Lake County Animal Services

Salt Lake County Animal Services provides consistent, reliable, and professional solutions for animal-related problems, which encourage responsible attitudes and allow people and animals to co-exist in a safer environment.

Our Animal Control officers serve the residents and pets within the unincorporated area of Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Holladay City, Herriman City, Midvale City and Riverton City.

Our comprehensive animal care and control services include:
 Pet adoptions and placement of animals with rescue groups
 Enforce animal-related city and county ordinances; 24/7 field operations
 Provide shelter for all types of lost and abandoned pets
 Investigate complaints of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect
 Provide humane euthanasia for pets in our areas at the request of pet owners (fee for service)
 Respond to emergencies involving injured or aggressive animals
 Community education, media and outreach events
 Provide pet licensing and vaccinations
 Volunteer and foster programs

Most recently the County Council voted to give the shelter a much-needed renovation, turning their auditorium into a multi-use office space, animal rehab center, and a cleaner area where citizens can get their pets rabies shots and vaccinations.

We are proud to be the largest municipal no-kill shelter in Utah. We appreciate our supportive community and invite you to come visit our shelter. We are always looking for great volunteers! You never know, you might meet your new furry best friend. Salt Lake County Animal Services is constantly striving to find innovative ways to save animals and be better at serving our community.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Salt Lake County Townships

Millcreek Arts Council
Salt Lake County’s Office of Township Services was created by Mayor McAdams in 2013 to exclusively serve the residents and businesses in the townships and unincorporated areas of the county. Together the unincorporated areas, which boast more than 4,000 business and 160,000 residents, constitute the second largest city in Utah.

Led by Township Executive Patrick Leary, the office provides municipal services such as sidewalks, curb, and gutter construction, transportation planning, business licensing, storm drain services, snow removal, animal services, and roadway construction among many others. In addition to providing services, the office also works closely with the 16 community councils representing the townships and unincorporated communities and provides funding to these groups for summer events such as movies and music in the park and other activities they host for the community.

Shortly after the office was created a communications director, community affairs staff, and an economic development director were hired to help the office achieve its goals. Two of the primary initiatives the Township Office is working on include increasing economic development in the unincorporated areas and building healthier communities.

Another goal for the office is working with local government, non-profit agencies, and community partners to identify ways to improve quality of life and health outcomes in the townships and unincorporated areas. The office is looking at how to improve walkability in communities so it’s easier for residents to get to work and local shops and parks, or just to walk or cycle around the neighborhood with their families. Changes in planning and development can have significant impacts to the health of communities and the Township Office is working with residents and businesses to plan for a future that meets their needs and improves their health.

If you are part of unincorporated SL County, feel free to contact Township Services. Let them know how they doing and keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter . They are always happy to help!